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Body Wall Strengthening Techniques
Being committed to healthy exercises and physical activities is essential to our well-being. The goal is to feel good in our own body type. With some real devotion to good body movement, life can take on a wonderful feeling of Balance and Flow.  

Attaining Body Wall Strength
Our muscles are made up of millions of microscopic fibers, each one overlapping another. Even when we think our muscles are in a relaxed state, they are actually vibrating, always keeping the muscle groups ready and in tone for services needed. Attaining Body Wall Strength is such a natural process. The body's musculoskeletal (muscle-bone) network is constantly in moment to moment adaptation, alignment and protection processes. Your body is always at attention with the intention of adjusting to different conditions to keep your strength and balance intact. The body's goal is to attain and maintain a state of equilibrium. It will stop at nothing to maintain your state of balance with the surrounding gravity, space and vibrational flow. 

Body Wall Strengthening  
Body Wall Strengthening is the practice of cultivating vibrational muscle knowledge to engage and stay familiar with the interconnectedness of your whole body. It is the toe muscle knowing, at any instant, that the neck muscle may need help. The familiar song lyrics, "the head bone's connected to the neck bone. The neck bone's connected to the shoulder bone" are truer than we think. It is a fundamental principal of the body's anatomy.  
Let's Not Slip 
Injuries to our body, such as strained muscles, happen. We are always subject to our body's environment. When we trip over something, push too much one way or another, or lift in a way that strains, suddenly we may have a "less" event happening to our body. A "less" event, in this case, is the painful sensation we feel when the body muscles are out of alignment. We are hurting.

The Body Will Compensate 
We all know how the body compensates, and very smart it is. When you sprain your ankle, your body says, "Oh no, we're not walking on that sore spot." You need help walking, or you limp. You try to take the weight off the injured area. Same with other parts of your body, such as the arm that you will use less because of some strain (such as tennis elbow), or the neck you can only move ever so slightly or on which you have to wear a neck brace for protection. 

Body Healing 
Ah yes, wonderful body healing. Make no mistake, any "less" injury that happens to the body, and there is an instantaneous correcting process that the whole body moves into. It is the action of healing. Body Defense, Fortifying and Safeguarding all happen in an instant. If the toe muscle is hurting, the shoulder muscle is on alert, ready to help in a split second. Have confidence in your body. It is very intelligent. Have faith in your body that it will work 24/7 to heal you. Confidence, Faith, Belief. Let those words bounce around in your intentional mind area; your wonderful body will do the rest.

Developing Our Body Wall Strength Potential 
Body Wall Strengthening, as mentioned earlier, is the practice of performing vibrational muscle exercises in order to engage and stay familiar with the interconnectedness of your whole body. Firstly, the Body Wall Strengthening method should, in no way, replace your healthy workout routine. What is making and keeping you healthy at this moment is your success strategy. The purpose of Body Wall strengthening is to improve your healthy workout routine. Injuries happens mostly because of a small misstep of movement. For example, when you trip on something, and you move that muscle, ligament or tendon just an inch out of its comfort zone, bam! An injury occurs.  

Protect and Strengthen 
Performing body wall movements can help you to Fortify, Protect, and Defend against injury. They can also make you strong and give you endurance, so that you will know that you are prepared for the day's activities.

Body Wall Movements
Let's start with the concept of Body Wall Movements. Body Wall Movements are small movements of the body. Small movements. Short movements. Discipline. Fancy words; simple to do. So simple that I know that somewhere among the exercise routines you've done in your lifetime, you've already done these types of exercises. What makes doing these movements so compelling and attractive is that, when done with some effort and discipline, there is an ease of purpose. No straining, no hard pounding, yet quickly you will see long-term results. The ease of the method, where and when, and how they can be done is a big part of the attraction. First we need a change to our thinking: less is more here. 

Move your arms and legs like a wall. For instance, in a standing position with arms at your side, move your arms out from your body by 6 inches. Pause. Let's again move both arms, keeping them straight. This time, move your arms out from your body 3 more inches, and then in to your body 3 inches. Do this 50 times, counting both in and out movements. Consider this a vibrational skill. Keep your mind focused on the present event. You want to build your arm muscle strength all though your arms with this vibrational movement. When we use small movements, the muscles react and adapt to the movements you produce. These movements Strengthen muscles for use for both defense and offense. When moving in a vibrational mode, we are also Disciplining, making these movements familiar movements. When performing familiar movements, the muscles build their elasticity around these movements as they adjust to them. When you are finished with the activity and are resting, your body is still working, building up muscle, ligament and tendon strength. 

There are around 1200 positions available in the arsenal of Body Wall Strengthening Movements. Lie on the floor on your back, legs and arms at your sides, and relax for a minute. One of the good things about doing body wall exercises on the floor is the decrease in your gravity scale. We know that gravity is one of the determinants of how we feel within the dimensions of our space area of life. We need gravity just the way we need all the other life giving realities that allow us to comprehend who and what we are. Allow me to give you a formula that will illustrate how lying on the floor will help you to achieve body wall strengthening. 

Due to the force of gravity, when in a standing position, you bear the weight of 7.6 pounds per square inch of contracting muscle (skeletal/voluntary muscle). Contracting muscles are mostly muscles that are connected to the skeleton by ligaments and tendons. Some of the strongest and weakest muscles are found here. When you lie down, the force of gravity is reduced by half. This helps your contracting muscles build vibrational fibers. By exercising in a position in which we have less gravitational force, we are able to build strong resistance muscle fibers. In this way, we will be better prepared when confronted with the full force of gravity of the standing position. In addition to relaxation time, we will have, under conditions of less gravitational pressure, been able to strengthen and build up our body wall strength through performing vibrational movements.

Use Your Imagination 
Now, in the lying position, legs and arms at your sides, lift your right leg off the floor about 6 inches from the ground. Pause for a moment, and then start moving your leg, keeping it straight. Up 3 inches, then down 3 inches. Do this 50 times, counting both up and down movements. Now repeat this exercise with your left leg. You can make up as many different positions as can benefit you. 

Discipline and Skill
You will become disciplined by doing a 20-minute body wall strengthening exercise routine daily. You can do these movements at home or at the gym, and you can incorporate them into your regular exercise routine. Continue these body wall strengthening exercises, and you will become very skilled at them. And believe me, doing these exercises is a skill! Immediate changes in your body will take place, and you will feel stronger and more in charge of your body’s defensive and offensive abilities, for sure. In a few days, you will see the difference. You will be glad, from now on, that you have added this skill to the activities you perform to attain and maintain your sense of well-being.